There’s little information available for biohackers on the drug flmodafinil (fluoromodafinil). Part of this is because of its research chemical status. Research chemicals are drugs that are analogs to controlled substances, but operate under the legal status as they are marked unsafe and not for human consumption. I won’t get too much into research chemicals here, but those interested in reading more on the topic can watch this informational video by PsychedSubstance.

The other half of the coin is that the information available is written by and for chemists. Flmodafinil is documented much more under its chemical name CRL-40,940, but research papers aren’t a biohacker’s best source of easy to consume information.

We hope to bring to light information about the drug in an easy to consume form for the general public by synthesizing the important pieces from research papers, patents, and experiences, including our own.


To begin, one of the most attractive reasons that individuals use flmodafinil is due to its current legal status. Flmodafinil is a fairly new chemical, relative to modafinil, armodafinil, and even adrafinil, and as such, it has not yet been scheduled. It is currently sold as research chemical status, which means that an individual in the United States can get his or her hands on the drug without a prescription or shady offshore pharmacies as long as he or she does not intend to consume the drug and uses it for research purposes.

Obviously, as a biohacker, you will be consuming the drug, but once it arrives at your doorstep there is little that can be done to limit the medium that flmodafinil is used. Compared to purchasing modafinil from an offshore pharmacy, which is actually quite safe due to modafinil’s schedule IV status, this is much safer.


Stemming from a patent application, we can learn the following about the drug:

  • “Surprisingly and unexpectedly, the inventors have synthesized a molecule similar to modafinil and adrafinil and have shown that it is more effective than these two molecules in their indications with fewer side effects.”
  • It is 20 times more effective than adrafinil and 4 times more effective than modafinil.

Personal accounts, and accounts from individuals on websites like Reddit, ADDForums, and Longecity, yield the following:

  • Flmodafinil enters your system faster; effects are more pronounced
    • Comparable to amphetamine stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin, more euphoric
  • Less is more: a dose of flmodafinil is much more potent than modafinil and as such
  • Mental clarity on flmodafinil, compared to modafinil, is more variable
    • Consistency in cognitive enhancing and other effects are less predictable despite the same dosage, compared to modafinil
  • Flmodafinil has about 3/4 the half life of modafinil
    • Not medically supported, but most every reviewer claims that the effects are more concentrated in a shorter period of time rather than spread out, like they would be on modafinil or adrafinil
  • Higher reported number of side affects, likely due to dosing problems
    • Headaches, sulfuric odor in urine
  • Preferred over modafinil due to price: due to its relatively strong potency compared to modafinil, it is less expensive to purchase and use flmodafinil